Rio 2031 (en)

Giuseppe Andreozzi (text) Gabriel Picolo (design and color)

  1. A new cold war is burning out the world. TheNation Vs. NewState. Two urban superleagues . Two scattered states. In Rio, where NewState has gained local politics consensus by putting organized crime down on its knees thanks to its mechanized security, the remote drone control headquarters is under attack. The Timed, human beings with extraordinary abilities but doomed to death by their own powers, agents of widespread states, struggle to contain the emergency, while the cards of a much bigger game are laid on the table one by one.

Two superpowers. A new cold war. The Superhero universe by Shockdom. This volume features the art of young artist Gabriel Picolo and the screenplay by BlackScreen author Giuseppe Andreozzi.

Also available in Italian

Rio 2031 (en)
Digital comic book, 64 pages, color.
Available in high resolution DRM-free PDF, and CBZ/CBR.
Suitable for iPad and tablets (7 inches or more).

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